Will Batshoun, Founder & President 

Will graduated with his BS in Management Information Systems (MIS) and his Mini Masters degree from Princess Sumaya Univeristy for Technology (PSUT). He began his professional career working in Jordan. In 2012, he came to the U.S. and in September 2014, he became the founder of WebzMe LLC. Will likes to make cool and creative web designs, regardless of what medium he's working in.

Having accumulated a wide range of experience in web design and development, he realized just how important it is to have a nice looking website that would appeal to the audience! He uses the best tools and technologies to create effective and pleasant-to-the-eye designs, so that you can have a distinguishing brand and style that will put you ahead of the crowd.


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Joseph Coorey, Account Manager

Joseph graduated from the University of Cincinnati, with almost 10 years in customer service and account management. He has developed quite the acumen for producing results based on your wants and needs. Joe realizes how important it is to deliver a desired product. He also works to maintain your satisfaction by always keeping an open line of communication, so that we can always be aware of what is going on with your business. This allows us to continue finding ways to fascinate your customers, and to be certain that you stand out against your competition!




Rakish’s diligence and enthusiasm is consistently demonstrated through passion for his work. While coordinating several web-based and grassroots campaigns Rakish proved to be an invaluable asset to WebzMe team. His interpersonal skills combined with positive attitude and timeliness make him a pleasure to work with. Posed with challenges, Rakish continuously exhibits a unique ability to think on his feet and do what it takes to get the job done.



Avinash graduated from Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas with a Mechanical Engineering degree but his passion to software & web development was much greater so he decided to grow his career in this path specialized with Oracle development. Right now Avinash work with GE & Webzme LLC simultaneously.