What It Really Means To Go The Extra Mile?

 We always hear the phrase “go the extra mile,” but what exactly does it mean? 

To me, it means going above and beyond what’s expected of you and pushing yourself to be the best that you can be. After all, everyone has different dreams and capabilities, so working hard to realize them isn’t being competitive, it’s about having a personal desire to do more, to be more, and to accomplish more.

I am a big fan of people who go the extra mile in life! Too often these days you see people who seem content to just do the very minimum required to get by. I grew up in a home where both my parents were going a million miles an hour every day – my mom with her 5 kids to care for and my father working crazy hard at his job.  There was no such thing as doing the minimum to get by at our house. I suppose as a kid I thought everyone should settle down and not work so much, but now as an adult I look back and I am so grateful to have been raised with the mentality of working my tail off and going the extra mile in all that I did.

When people do more than they have to, and do so with an attitude of generosity, they give of themselves in ways that lift all of humanity. The heart grows tender when we extend ourselves beyond what's expected. Going the extra mile is a vital ingredient that lifts our mood, allowing hopefulness to rule.

If you’re going to do anything in life than give it 110%!  Don’t do it with 50% or 60% energy – that will never make you feel good about yourself.  If you are going to do a task then give it all you’ve got.  And always, always, do just a little bit more and go just a little bit farther than anyone expected you to!  It is the best feeling in the world when you know you’ve gone the extra mile.  And when you do give that extra little mile in all that you do, everyone around you will notice it and they will stand in admiration at the great job you have done.

Here are a few great quotes on going the extra mile to hopefully inspire you the way they inspire me:

  • You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for. ~Napoleon Hill

  • We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ~Winston Churchill

And below is my favorite quote...